KidZania Theme Park Workshop

Have you ever considered the transformative impact of career guidance on young minds?

Career guidance has the power to unlock hidden potentials and enhance overall capabilities in children.

Recent statistics released by the Union Government in 2011 shed light on the stark reality of 7.6 million children residing in India’s slums. From the moment they are born, these children are thrust into a precarious existence, where survival becomes their primary concern. Born into streets fraught with uncertainty, they are often deprived of educational opportunities and instead learn to fend for themselves from a tender age. The absence of educational awareness among slum-dwelling children perpetuates disinterest in formal schooling, leaving them to grapple with daily struggles for survival.

These marginalized children confront life’s hurdles from a tender age, often compelled into roles as domestic aides, victims of human trafficking, and participants in illicit activities. Trapped in life’s unforgiving cycle, they endure mental and physical tolls. With limited exposure to educational and career pathways, slum children are denied rightful opportunities for growth. Recognizing this need for guidance, Voice of Slum initiated a program aimed at providing career direction to these young souls.

Through this initiative, slum children are periodically escorted to KidZania, an immersive indoor theme park offering over 100 role-playing experiences. Within its vibrant confines, children not only revel in entertainment but also augment their learning through lifelike simulations. KidZania mirrors a bustling cityscape, complete with thoroughfares, establishments like fire stations, police precincts, courtrooms, and laboratories. From crafting ice cream to broadcasting news, children explore diverse vocations in a dynamic and engaging environment, fostering an enriching and interactive experience.

At KidZania, children immerse themselves in a world of adventure and learning. With its own currency and a plethora of equipment and uniforms, kids step into the roles of RJs, firefighters, doctors, and manufacturers, living out their dreams in a real-life setting. This interactive experience allows them to grasp the challenges and responsibilities associated with various professions, helping them gain insight into potential career paths. KidZania serves as a safe and innovative play zone where children not only have fun but also learn and draw inspiration for their future endeavors.

The thrilling atmosphere of the place inspires individuals to expand their horizons beyond mere survival and pursue their aspirations. Voice of Slum empowers children from impoverished backgrounds to envision and pursue their dreams, fostering a drive to strive for a brighter future. Through its efforts, Voice of Slum aims to illuminate the paths of underprivileged children, instilling in them the determination to carve out successful careers and lead independent lives.

Guidance goes beyond imparting knowledge; It serves as a gateway to enhanced education and career prospects.

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